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Depression is not always visible, and it can affect our lives in different ways.

By sharing your unique experiences, we can show that our stories matter and let others know that they're not alone. Together, we can help erase the stigma, so no one suffers in silence.

Sensitive Content Warning: If you experience suicidal thoughts, the following content could be potentially triggering. You can contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or visit https://988lifeline.org.

Faces of Depression Looks Like Me

Check out what a few members of our community have to say about their experience with depression.

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Queerty Portrait of by Emile Ennis Jr. (he/him), an individual living with depression

How Emile Ennis Jr. works out both body and mind to combat depression

By Emile Ennis Jr. (he/him), living with depression

As a queer Black man growing up in a religious family in the South, Emile struggled to be his true self. Now, he shares his story and experience with depression to show others the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Portrait of Ren Fernandez-Kim (they/them), an individual living with depression

Accepting My Depression Helped Me Discover Who I Am

By Ren Fernandez-Kim (they/them), living with depression

Growing up with depression wasn’t easy for Ren, especially as a queer, Latinx/Asian-American. They share their personal story and spread the message that we each have a space in this world and deserve to exist.

Queerty Portrait of Chella Man (he/him), an individual living with depression

Chella Man on How Art and Chosen Family Helped Him Take on Depression

Featuring Chella Man (he/him), living with depression

As a deaf, trans, Jewish, and Chinese-American public figure, Chella shares why he chose to join Depression Looks Like Me to tell his own story and how he hopes his transparency can help others.

Portrait of Valentina Campos Yanez (she/they), an individual living with depression

How Depression Looks Different for Everyone

By Valentina Campos Yanez (she/they), living with depression

Valentina opens up about navigating a new country and culture, and how she hopes sharing her story will help others put a name to what they may be feeling.

Queerty Portrait of by Hope Giselle (she/her), an individual living with depression

How Hope Giselle Overcame Bullying to Help Others Live Their Best Lives

By Hope Giselle (she/her), living with depression

Hope details how the moment when considering suicide transformed her and why she shares her personal experiences with depression to remind others who may be suffering that help is out there.

Portrait of Imadé Nibokun (she/her), an individual living with depression

How My Queerness Unlocked My Imagination

By Imadé Nibokun (she/her), living with depression

After realizing she liked women at age 30, Imadé details how she experienced a kaleidoscope of new mental images and ideas that conflicted with the religious culture she grew up in, which led to her mental health advocacy in the Black community.

Portrait of Met F. (they/them), an individual living with depression

I Worried Healthcare Providers Would Treat My Sexuality or Gender Identity, Not My Depression

By Met F. (they/them), living with depression

Met’s struggles with depression began when they were being bullied, but it took several years to receive a treatment-resistant depression diagnosis. They share their story.

The Mighty Ren Fernandez-Kim (they/them) and Devin-Norelle (ze/zim/zis), both living with depression

Podcast: Let's Get Real About Depression in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Featuring Ren Fernandez-Kim (they/them) and Devin-Norelle (ze/zim), both living with depression

Mighty Host Ashley Kristoff sits down with LGBTQ+ advocates, Devin-Norelle and Ren, to discuss their personal mental health journeys and the importance of normalizing the conversation about depression in the community.

Queerty Portrait of Devin-Norelle (ze/zim/zis), an individual living with depression

New York’s Devin-Norelle on How the Love of Queer Community Inspires Hope

Featuring Devin-Norelle (ze/zim/zis), living with depression

Queerty speaks to Black trans model, actor, and Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion trainer Devin-Norelle about battling depression, stigma, and how to get the most out of life.

The Mighty The back of a person wearing a white shirt

I Can Never Be the Person I Was Before Having Treatment-Resistant Depression. And I Don't Want to Be.

By Imadé Nibokun (she/her), living with depression

Imadé details how her journey with depression began and why she is no longer the same narrow-minded person after her treatment-resistant depression diagnosis.

Queerty Portrait of Zoe Stoller (they/she/he), an individual living with depression

How Queer Influencer Zoe Stoller is Leading the Way for Inclusive Mental Health Awareness

Featuring Zoe Stoller (they/she/he), living with depression

Striving to be the role model she wishes she had when she was younger, Zoe shares how she is working to create an online community where she can spread information about LGBTQ+ identities and mental health, which ultimately helped her find her own gender identity and manage her depression.

Don't see yourself represented but are interested in sharing your Depression Looks Like Me story? We're always looking for diverse perspectives.

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