You are seen. You are heard.

You are not alone.

Depression is anything but simple. It isn't one-size-fits-all. It's individual to each person it affects, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. It cuts deep across every intersection. But no matter your experience, it is treatable. That's why we need to show the world what depression really looks like. Depression looks like you and…

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Our Stories

Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and empowered to ask for help. Because every story matters, including yours.

See what depression looks like through the eyes of our community.

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How It Impacts Our Community

Depression is an illness unlike any other and an all-too-common reality for the LGBTQ+ community. Depression doesn't look the same on everyone, and for some people, depression symptoms can persist even after trying several treatments.

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Knowing Your Depression Treatment Options

Finding the right treatment can be challenging, but a good place to start is talking to a healthcare professional. Whether it's your primary care physician, a nurse, physician assistant (PA), therapist or psychiatrist, find someone you feel safe and comfortable being open and honest with about your depression.

Many people with hard-to-treat forms of depression often need to try multiple treatments before finding something that works. Depression is not your fault. Depression is an illness, and just like with physical illnesses, not every treatment works for every person with depression.

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Access Resources and Tools

Not sure where to look or how to start the conversation? We've got you covered with resources, tools and information from organizations and providers that are ready to help.

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Questionnaire for Depression

If you feel like you may be experiencing symptoms of depression, a questionnaire from Mental Health America may help give you a snapshot of your mental health. This mental health questionnaire is not intended to replace a doctor or other healthcare provider who is best qualified to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Please discuss your results and any questions you may have with your doctor or healthcare provider.

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